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  Our Future  

The Notting Hill Carnival has evolved continuously since its early roots were established amongst the 1950s Trinidadian community. The trend is set to continue as we develop our season of events, and maintain and build upon the Carnival weekend's reputation as one of the world's largest, most audacious and professionally managed street parties.

Cultural, musical and artistic skills that have flourished for many years within our Carnival community are refined and diversified every year in workshops and competitions. In addition, Carnivalists are working with local groups and school children across the country to spread our traditions and skills to a wider audience, and preserve them for future generations.

Carnival season attracts a multicultural audience with its unique blend of creativity and revelry. As we grow our reach and artistry into the future, we are establishing links with a number of exciting events from across the world to create a global Carnival network. We'll also be providing sponsors with an unrivalled platform for their brands to be experienced by an audience of millions.

Even more significantly, we know that year after year, Carnival season will highlight the success of multicultural London and reinforce the capital's reputation for staging world-class events, particularly in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics.

We are proud to be developing our relationship with the 2012 team, a partnership that we believe will provide many new commercial and community opportunities. The future of the Carnival is not only exciting, it is breathtakingly bright and ambitious.